List of everyone involved in this performance. Please include: first and last names, whether or not they attended your school during the time of the dance, and their roles for the performance.

Jamie Tran, Mary Tran, Emma Tran, Jessica Li, Max Chang, and Khoa Nguyen (all attended Tulane and were fan dancers; Jamie Tran and Mary Tran were the main choreographers)

Please describe the purpose of this dance, including your intention, goals, and creative process.

We created this performance group to showcase traditional Vietnamese fan dancing, making our debut at TUVA’s 2019 Tet Fest. After dancing for Date Auction, we wanted to create a performance dedicated to the Vietnamese culture and share it to the rest of the Tulane student body. The choreographers decided to blend both traditional and modern fan dance movements to display how fan dance has evolved–using traditional formations and more contemporary movements. The music we chose also had a blend of tradtional Vietnamese instruments and modern music. We are looking forward to using different styles of fan dance, switching between traditional and modern or creating new combinations of the two styles! We also want to continue this fan dance performance and appear more at future TUVA events, hoping to include more TUVA members as well!