List of everyone involved in this video production. Please include: first and last names, whether or not they attend your school during the time of the production, and their roles during this production.

Vu Bui: He attends Ole Miss. He was one of the main actors and help create the songs in the films.
Tony Van: He attends Ole Miss and he was co-director of the film. He created the songs in the films and was camera man.
Lee Nguyen: He attends Ole Miss. He was leading male actor and help create the songs in the films. He assisted with setting up the cameras.
Umber Olstad: She attends Ole Miss. She was leading female actor and help create the songs.
Harshin Sanjanwala: He attends Ole miss and was co-director of the film. He created the songs.

Please describe the purpose of this video, your intention and goals, as well as creative process behind it.

When we were creating the film, we wanted to be completely different from the other schools and something that we ourselves never done before. Our goal was to create a serious, emotional video and that later became a musical video. What we wanted from the audiences to take away from the film is that the future is uncertain and scary, that we do not know what to expect for the future. During the video film, we portrayed the uncertainty with lightening and some with lyrics. Example: in the first song, the lightening was dark to show how scared Roy was. His lyrics he sang told that he thought Rebecca was going stay with him no matter what, but now that she left him, he does not know what will happen to him because his main supporting person left him. Each song was done differently. First one was like a music video, second was a rap-ish battle, and the third was a love song. We wanted our audiences to relate to the characters and feel for them.