How did your organization excel in web presence and what strategies did you utilize in doing so?

Each year VSA-LSU develops a stronger web presence on multiple platforms of social media such as our website and @vsalsu on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Our content and presence on social media couldn’t have been made without our social media team, consisting of the Public Relations Officer Patrick Cao, Historian Anthony Phan, Graphic Designer Victoria Hoang, Webmaster Cindy Tran, and the Freshman Representative Sabrina Nguyen.With the help of the team, VSA-LSU’s base for social media has connected multiple individuals by capturing great moments, opening more opportunities, and creating bonds. A good example of this would be how on Facebook, the VSA-LSU Connections Page members would ask for suggestions on places to go to eat, classes to take, or if anybody wants to hang out. Aside from connecting our members, there is much more to why VSA-LSU deserves the award for Best Web Presence.

Starting with our biggest platform on social media, Facebook, with over a thousand followers, consists of regular posts (about 2-3 times a week) about upcoming events, announcements, and more. Through Facebook, VSA-LSU is able to bring up announcements, startup events, and most importantly connect with all members. As Facebook provides much to our helping, we use all that is given, from the event pages to our VSA page to the Facebook groups with our own added graphics by our Graphic Designer Victoria Hoang and our captions done by our PR and Freshman Rep, Patrick Cao and Sabrina Nguyen. Event pages, designed and decorated by the Freshman Representative, PR, and Graphic Designer are made detail by detail to invite all sorts of people inside and outside of VSA-LSU, including the other schools within the Gulf Coast region to enjoy the event being planned. In addition to the event pages, to get more interaction between members, we have a page called the “VSA-LSU Connections Page” so members can connect with each other, ask for help and suggestions, and make announcements regarding events, parties, and more. As for our page, “Vietnamese Student Association at LSU”, we use it for sharing photos and videos of our events and post announcements. What separates us from other pages is our cover photo, which happens to be a cover video expressing what it means to be a part of VSA-LSU, created by our Historian Anthony Phan. Essentially our page is our way of connecting with the public, consisting of alumni, members, other schools, parents, and anybody else that follows the page, announcing and reminding them of our events. Through this we open our arms out to the public and welcome all who are interested. In relation to one of our other platforms, Instagram, Facebook shares some qualities.

Closely related to Facebook, Instagram is used to post flyers and regular announcements for the public as seen on Facebook. Compared to Facebook, Instagram is used as a more visual platform. As seen on our profile we have multiple posts from announcements and video clips. Through Instagram we have gained much recognition. Relating to our overall image on social media, VSA-LSU is constantly complemented by many individuals about our witty captions and our intricate designs, done by our social media team. Our audience ranges to more than within our region, but people and groups outside of the Gulf Coast as well. Our posts have been noticed by other VSAs in other regions, and has been personally messaged by other VSAs like UTSAVSA on how they look forward to our posts and how well we are doing. In addition to our posts we started posting on our Instagram stories, similar to Snapchat, to promote some of our events and posts to capture the interest of others. As of now we are still looking to bring more attention to our Instagram.

One of our more modern social media platforms, Snapchat, allows us to capture clips of moments people would like to remember in real time. Some members usually cannot make it to our events, so through Snapchat we make sure to not leave anybody out by recording the highlights of our events. From scoring a touchdown in our intramural games, to our surprise interactions, and random antics, our contents consists of everything, including invitations and interests but primarily highlights. In charge of Snapchat is our PR and FR, Patrick Cao and Sabrina Nguyen, where they would go around giving members and even nonmembers a sense of participation by including them to our events. Some members say that VSA-LSU’s Snapchat is funny, unique, and has potential Youtube channel worthy content. As VSA-LSU, we like to have strong bonds with our members, and Snapchat is one of our best ways to maintain that relationship.

In accordance with past e-board’s progression, VSA-LSU is expanding our web presence onto Youtube. On our channel, our content consists of recaps of events, promo videos, and performances. Fan favorites includes our Fall Semester Recap Video, our Officer Introduction, and our VEGA Night Intro Promo, all of which was designed by our Historian, Anthony Phan. Through our Youtube videos, each video clip, each picture, each memory is put together in place to get viewers to experience or relive the moments made in our events. With our many subscribers and views from being shared on Facebook, many people enjoy watching our content.

Quite frequently many interested individuals wonder where they can learn more about VSA-LSU. On our website, we provide much information about who we are and what VSA-LSU is. Edited by our very own Webmaster Cindy Tran our website is used for the public to see how much we’ve grown as a student association and community. As seen on the website we have multiple tabs; our events, to describe future and upcoming events as well as potential sales in our CPP merchandise; our members, to talk about how we interact with our members and reward them; our newsletter, to give viewers a small piece of what goes on in VSA-LSU ranging from event recaps to our member highlights; our gallery consists of memories and videos of events and more for viewers to see; and finally our contact page, to offer the public an opportunity to give us suggestions and more as a growing student association. Our website is not as active as some of our other platforms, but is one of our most informative ways of letting people know our purpose.

Overall, VSA-LSU has a strong web presence. This year, it might be the strongest it has ever been. Through our many social media platforms, we give our audience the information they need to know about us and more. Informing them on the what of VSA-LSU, amazing them with our beautiful graphics, entertaining them with our “punny” and comical captions, and grasping the attention of any viewer who watches our videos, that is what our web presence consists of. As we are, VSA-LSU likes to be a part of the public and as far as the public goes, social media is the best way to blend in and grow.

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