The Mississippi State University Vietnamese Student Association is a student organization made up of MSU students and alumni. The VSA works throughout the school year to host and plan events in order to fundraise money for a non-profit organization benefiting the people, especially the children, of Vietnam.

Official Name: Mississippi State University Vietnamese Student Association

Official Acronym: MSUVSA

Established: 2009

University Address: Mississippi State University
Mississipi State, MS 39762

University Website:

2016 - 2017 Executive Board

President: Angela Tran

Co-Vice President: Minh Tran

Co-Vice President: Nancy Nguyen

Secretary/Social Chair: Savannah Matthews

Events Coordinator: Adam Nguyen

Treasurer: Timmy Nguyen

Fundraising Chair: Sara Hoang

Past Executive Boards

Gulf Coast Awards

2015 - 2016

  • Gulf Coast Future Award - Angela Tran

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