Vietnamese Student Association at Louisiana State University



Abbreviation: VSA-LSU

Official Hashtag: #ForeverVSALSU

Established: ----

University Address: Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

University Website:



The Vietnamese Student Association at LSU (VSA-LSU) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit student organization, committed to spreading awareness of the Vietnamese culture and having a voice in our local community. Through various charitable, social and cultural events, they are able to enrich and preserve the Vietnamese identity.

2018 - 2019 Executive Board

President: Alyson Vu
Internal Vice President: Kristy Duong
External Vice President: Sean Pham
Secretary: Jerry Uong
Treasurer: Michael Hom
Public Relations: Patrick Cao
Historian: Anthony Phan
Sports Coordinator: Elvyn Cachapero
Graphic Designer: Victoria Hoang
Webmaster: Cindy Tran
Freshman Rep: Sabrina Nguyen

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Gulf Coast Awards


  • Most Outstanding Performance - "Magic Show" by Ben Irino
  • Most Fundraised for CPP - 1st Place
  • Gulf Coast Future Award - Alyson Vu


  • Most Outstanding Organization
  • Most Outstanding President - Linh Nguyen
  • Most Outstanding Cultural Dance - "VSA-LSU Hat Girls"
  • Most Outstanding Web Presence
  • Most Outstanding Video Production - "Hansel and Gretel: Date Auction 2016"
  • Most Fundraised for CPP - 1st Place
  • Gulf Coast Future Award - Danny Do


  • Gulf Coast Future Award - Linh Nguyen