Session 2

Duy Dang

Failure: A Journey to Success

New Orleans born and raised, Duy Dang is currently a Physician Assistant Student at LSU Health Science Center and serving as a member of UVSA GC's Alumni Relations Committee. He was also previously involved as a member of Camp Delta 10's Cuisine Team, one of Camp Delta 9's Co-Directors, and a counselor for Camp Delta 8. Duy is currently in school in the hopes of becoming a Physician Assistant and dreams of opening a team-based hospital in the far future.


No matter what point of life you are in, failure is inevitable, either from lack of knowledge and experience or other variables. You may find yourself doubting your abilities, scared to task a risk, or giving up entirely. The goal of Duy’s interactive workshop is to teach attendees the importance of failure and its learning opportunity so as to rise above the negative and detrimental feelings associated with "failure".


Lina Huynh

I Got 99 Problems...

Lina Huynh is a current student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. She is a Senior majoring in Kinesiology with a concentration in Exercise Science and Fitness Studies. Lina has been a member of her university's VSA- Vietnamese Student Organization at UL, also known as VSOUL, since her freshman year and served as Internal Vice President and President during her Sophomore year. Her involvement within UVSA Gulf Coast includes Secretary (2016-2018), Public Relations Chairwoman (2016-2017), and Community Service Chairwoman (2017-2018). She was also on Conference Hospitality Staff for UNAVSA-14.


Communication is key to work through conflict and rise above. To reach new heights, work past challenges that ultimately make you stronger, you need to learn to communicate and problem solve. This workshop will cover conflict and different ways to resolve conflict as well as methods of communicating with those you work with.


Dat Nguyen

Speaking Into Your Comfort Zone: Improve Public Speaking!


Dat Nguyen is an experienced leadership trainer, adventurer, life coach, and specializes in bringing out the best in others. For the past decade, he is known for his high energy seminars that instill his audience to step beyond their limitations and motivate change in themselves. Furthermore, Dat facilitates discussions and activities to improve soft skills for professionals who want to communicate and interact better with others. In addition, he enhances leadership qualities by implementing an everyday “win condition”. Dat's goal as a trainer and leader is to be able to network and create positive mindsets for those who are ready to gain confidence and become great leaders within their careers and communities. Ultimately, Dat teaches others to be the guiding light and spreads the positivity with the lessons and stories he shares: “Spread the Light and Be the Light.”


For the past years, Dat has seen young leaders struggling and needing more guidance on how to become better public speakers. In this workshop, attendees will be separated in groups and critique one another on topics varying from "Selling Your VSA" to "Please come to our meeting" speeches. He will teach some tangible and unique techniques to help these leaders learn how to use their energy and words in the right way. In his interactive workshop, Dat will show individuals how to become dynamic public speakers and "rise above" for the occasion to have their voices be heard and not "drowned" out by the other voices.


David Nguyen

The Most Important Step


David Nguyen attended Tulane for his B.S. in Cell and Molecular Biology. David is currently pursuing a career as a physician assistant and is working as a medical assistant at a local primary/urgent care. He has assumed various leadership positions in his involvement with VSA. David was on the executive board of the Tulane University Vietnamese Association (TUVA) for all four years of his undergraduate education, being president for one of the years. Additionally, he has also been on staff for the annual Camp Delta leadership retreat for four years, being director for one of the years.


The theme of the summit is to "rise above" adversity. Likewise, the objective of this workshop is to facilitate an activity and discussion that revolves around taking the next step in the face of failure. Oftentimes, we are faced with obstacles in life that prevent us from achieving our goals, or sometimes our expectations do not align with the goals we have already achieved. Even with such problems, it is important to remind oneself that maybe it's not the first or last step that is the most important, but simply the next one.

Huong Pham

How To Viet


Huong Pham is a former loan officer and mother of four children. Pham was born in Vung Tau, Vietnam and immigrated to the U.S. in 1975. On Saturdays, she teaches Vietnamese language classes to students at St. Joseph Parish Catholic Church.


Forgot your Vietnamese or simply need a refresher on proper pronunciation of Vietnamese words? “How To Viet” is a language class that explores the Vietnamese pronunciation, symbols and special vocabulary. Students will leave the class learning how to pronounce and better enunciate words and phrases. Here’s your chance to impress the elder Vietnamese community by learning how to say phrases like “I am a member of the Vietnamese Student Association at _____ school.”