The Vietnamese Student Organization at UL Lafayette (VSOUL) serves to promote awareness and appreciation of the Vietnamese culture within the general student body and beyond. Students will be able to interact and exchange ideas and experiences vital to the growth and success of VSO. Thus, VSO strives to serve the community through philanthropic events and to bridge diversity through cultural and social events.

Our mission is to promote awareness and appreciation of the Vietnamese culture among the students, faculty and community at UL Lafayette. They are also an organization that believes in community and friendship amongst our members.

Official Name: Vietnamese Student Organization at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Official Acronym: VSOUL

Official Hashtag: #ragincasians

Established: 2012

University Address:
104 E University Ave
Lafayette, LA 70504

University Website: www.louisiana.edu

E-Mail: VSAULLafayette@gmail.com

2016 - 2017 Executive Board


President: Maxim Lim
Internal Vice President: Nicholas Ho
External Vice President: Ngoc-Lan (Kris) Dinh
Secretary: Delvin Nguyen
Treasurer: Dan Truong
Public Relations: Dan Truong
Sports Coordinator: Vincent Pham

Past Executive Boards

Gulf Coast Awards

2015 - 2016

  • Most Outstanding Philanthropic Event - "Viet Week"
  • Most Outstanding Cultural Program - "Cultural Night"
  • Most Outstanding Web Presence
  • Gulf Coast Future Award - Kristie Dinh

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